Why Should I Get a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation offers transformative benefits for both your oral health and overall well-being. Our full mouth rehabilitation procedures may be designed to address a chronic pain condition or to simply restore or improve a smile back to an ideal condition. Our comprehensive approach produces lasting results, improving your confidence, oral function, and overall wellness. Plus, we partner with the top labs in the nation to create results that look beautiful and last.

The Benefits of a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Regain Oral Functionality

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Enjoy a Beautiful Smile

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Improve Overall Health

Here’s How It Works

Initial Consultation

At your first visit, we thoroughly assess your oral health, discuss your concerns, and work to understand your goals. This essential step allows us to get to know you and create a personalized plan tailored to your unique needs.

Treatment Planning

Our skilled team plans every aspect of your full mouth rehabilitation. Using advanced imaging and diagnostic tools, we develop a detailed treatment roadmap that prioritizes amazing results and a streamlined experience for you.

Restoration Process

From dental implants and crowns to veneers and orthodontics, each procedure is executed with precision and care. Our goal is to rebuild your oral health, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are seamlessly integrated into your new, revitalized smile.

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Video Testimonials

Real Patients, Real Results

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Cutting Edge technology. Amazing results.

At Tuscarora Dental, we harness the power of state-of-the-art technology to redefine your dental experience. Our advanced tools, including CBCT, intraoral scanners, and Digital Smile Design, ensure precise diagnostics and exceptional results. By collaborating with the best labs in the world, we craft restorations of unparalleled quality. Our innovative “The Wand” STA anesthesia system and advanced patient monitoring during IV sedation procedures guarantee your comfort and safety throughout the process. We leverage these tools so you can experience remarkable results and a seamless, stress-free dental journey.

How many appointments are necessary and what is the timeline I can expect?

The number of appointments and the timeline for your full mouth rehabilitation depend on the complexity of your case. After a thorough evaluation during your initial consultation, we will provide a detailed plan outlining the necessary appointments and estimated timeline. Our goal is to create a comprehensive, efficient schedule tailored to your needs.

What will be the cost of my full mouth rehabilitation?

While a comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation can often cost as much as a luxury vehicle, your customized, comprehensive treatment plan varies based on individual needs and the complexity of the procedures involved. So, total costs can vary significantly between cases. After your initial consultation and personalized treatment plan, we will give you a transparent breakdown of the costs. We can also provide financial options, insurance coverage, and flexible payment plans, ensuring your full mouth reconstruction is not only transformative but also financially manageable. If you're looking for benefits that go beyond traditional insurance, check out our variety of affordable membership plans.

Will my full mouth rehabilitation look fake?

Not at all! Our team combines advanced techniques and high-quality materials, and we are partnered with the most talented laboratories in the country to create natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing results. From start to finish, we customize your procedures to ensure your new smile aligns perfectly with your facial features. Our digital process allows us to simulate what a new smile will look like before any treatment is rendered. The goal is to provide you with a restored, authentic smile that looks and feels natural.

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