Why Is Preventive Dentistry Important?

The connections between common oral health problems, such as cavities and periodontal disease, and common systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s are extensive, and new connections are being found every year. Preventive dentistry and an effective at home oral hygiene routine are the cornerstones that lead to not only the prevention of oral disease, but also maximizing long term whole-body wellness. Our personalized care plans are designed to optimize YOUR oral health by utilizing natural products and methods whenever possible.

Here’s How It Works


During your appointment, we conduct a detailed examination of your teeth and gums. We also take X-rays to get a clear view of your facial structures. This step helps us understand your oral health, allowing us to identify any concerns and tailor our approach to your specific needs.


Next, we'll make a diagnosis on the state of your oral health. This allows us to select the best type of cleaning to suit your unique needs.


Our skilled hygienists perform a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth. Regular cleanings are essential for maintaining solid oral hygiene and preventing future complications.

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What is the difference between a conventional dental cleaning and periodontal maintenance?

A conventional dental cleaning is a routine teeth cleaning for patients with healthy gums. It involves removing plaque and tartar from the tooth surfaces and is typically done every six months. Periodontal maintenance, on the other hand, is a more in-depth cleaning procedure necessary for patients with gum disease. It involves thorough cleaning of the tooth roots and is usually performed every three to four months to manage gum health effectively.

What is SDF/Curodont?

SDF stands for Silver Diamine Fluoride, and Curodont is a brand name for a similar treatment. Both are minimally invasive solutions used to treat tooth decay and prevent its progression. SDF or Curodont is applied to affected teeth, halting decay and promoting remineralization. It’s particularly useful for children, individuals with dental anxiety, or those with multiple cavities, providing a non-invasive alternative to traditional drilling and filling.

What is a perio chart?

A perio chart, short for periodontal chart, is a diagnostic tool used by our team to assess gum health. It records measurements of the spaces between your teeth and gums (periodontal pockets) and indicates signs of gum disease. Regular perio charting helps in monitoring gum health over time, allowing us to identify any changes and implement appropriate treatments to maintain healthy gums.

What are the benefits of laser-assisted periodontal therapy?

Laser-assisted periodontal therapy offers several advantages, including little to no discomfort, reduced bleeding, and faster healing compared to traditional gum surgery. The laser precisely targets infected tissue, leaving healthy tissue unharmed. This procedure effectively treats gum disease, promotes gum tissue regeneration, and often results in quicker recovery and improved overall health.

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