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It has been said that we grow from the mouth down. From our first moments, the human experience centers around the mouth, from our first breath to the first fundamental bond between mother and child that sets the tone for the development of a healthy gut and immune system. Our core needs — air, water, and food — all depend on a well functioning mouth and airway system. Indeed, some of the greatest health challenges we face at all stages of life begin and end with problems that are encountered with the mouth. Drs. Browning and Smith are dedicated to learning these connections and seeing your wellness from a whole body perspective.

Why Should I Get Biologic Dental Care?

By choosing biologic dentistry, you invest in a comprehensive approach that considers your entire body's health, not just your teeth. Our practice focuses on preventive and natural methods to ensure both a vibrant smile and optimal overall health. We’re happy to work with you on finding a customized treatment plan that suits your preferences and needs.

Here’s How It Works


During your consultation, we listen to your concerns and understand your oral wellness goals. This discussion sets the foundation for your personalized, biologic dental experience.

Cleaning & Exam

Next, our skilled team conducts a thorough cleaning and examination. We focus not only on your teeth but also on the overall health of your gums and mouth. Our gentle yet effective cleaning removes plaque and tartar, promoting oral hygiene and preventing issues.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Following the consultation and cleaning, we create a personalized treatment plan designed exclusively for you. This roadmap allows you to feel confident about the next steps as we guide you toward thriving oral and overall health.

Real Patients, Real Results

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What are the benefits of SMART amalgam removal?

SMART ensures the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings and reduces exposure to harmful substances. By following strict protocols, we minimize mercury vapor release during removal. Replacing amalgam fillings with biocompatible alternatives promotes overall health, providing you with a metal-free, healthy smile.

What fluoride-free options do you have?

We offer a range of fluoride-free alternatives tailored to your oral care preferences. Our fluoride-free treatments include nano silver and hydroxyapatite toothpastes. We also utilize oral probiotics that promote beneficial ear, mouth, and throat bacteria. These options maintain your dental health naturally, without the use of fluoride. Our team can guide you in choosing the most suitable fluoride-free products that align with your lifestyle.

What are your metal-free material options?

We continually research the latest in dental materials focusing on materials that minimize exposure to common hormone disrupting chemicals and heavy metals. We utilize options that include zirconia, lithium disilicate ceramics, and direct ceramic-based tooth colored fillings, like Admira Fusion.

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We’re right by your side to help you understand treatment options and feel confident about your oral health journey.

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