New Dental Patients in Martinsburg

Your First Amazing Appointment

We love living in Martinsburg. We chose to live and work in this area because of its beauty, atmosphere, and people, and we feel honored to serve our community with the best in modern dentistry.

That’s why, from the first time you call Tuscarora Family Dental Care, we want you to feel just how special you are to us and how much we appreciate the trust you put in us.

If you have any questions before you schedule an appointment, please feel free to ask us on that first phone call. We understand how important it is that you feel confident in your decisions about your oral health care and an understanding of what to expect is a big part of that. You are welcome to call us anytime with questions or concerns.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

Once you come into our office, the cozy surroundings and friendly team will work hard to make you feel welcome and relaxed. After all, this is your new smile home – and we want it to feel that way through and through.

We start by showing you around the office so you feel familiar with the location of everything from the complimentary coffee to our nice and clean restrooms. You’ll also get a chance to meet with the entire team, if possible, so you know all the people who will care for your smile, today and in the future.

Once you know your way around, we will sit down with you and discuss your needs, desires, and hopes for your smile. We also want to get to know you personally, as you as the unique and special friend we hope you will become.

If your first visit is for an emergency or immediately necessary dental care, we will address those needs before anything else.

If you are here to establish yourself as a regular patient and there is nothing pressing to address, we start with a comprehensive exam to get the best baseline possible and discover if there is any trouble brewing. Patients tell us that these are one of the most in-depth dental exams they have ever experienced.

After your exam – which may include x-rays, intraoral camera review, measuring of your gum pockets, oral cancer check, and more – we will give your teeth a thorough cleaning so you can leave your first visit feeling refreshed.

That Important Paperwork

Tuscarora Family Dental Care wants every, single aspect of your experience with us to be as convenient as humanly possible. And even though our reception area is as comfortable as your own living room, we suggest that you fill out your paperwork at home to make your first visit even easier. Just click the link that is emailed to you once you set up your appointment, register, fill in, and, voila! Your paperwork is on its way to us. No clipboard required!


We know we tend to go on and on about how important your comfort is to us – but shouldn’t it be? Wouldn’t you love to know that your dentists care about how you feel so much they go out of their way to even get some pampering in there wherever possible? It’s what we would want from our dentists for sure!

Our office has recently been updated to make every member of your family feel at home with comfortable furnishings and elegant-yet-cozy decor. Even the seating in our reception area has been chosen to help you truly relax and take a breather from life’s constant rush.

Go ahead, help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee, sit back, and take a deep breath. Your wait won’t ever be very long, but if there is one, we want you to appreciate the moment.

Once you are back in the dental chair, you might notice the extra comfort of ADEC-brand luxury. These chairs offer unparalleled ergonomics and support. But if that isn’t quite enough, ask us for a fluffy blanket, a neck pillow, and nitrous oxide or one of our pain-management options, and you will really be ready to drift into total relaxation while we work.

It is the utmost importance to us that our patients feel completely relaxed and comfortable while in our care. That is why we offer Nitrous Oxide sedation to calm your anxiety if you feel you need a little extra pampering to get you though the appointment. This type of sedation takes effect and wears off almost immediately, allowing you to drive yourself to and from your visit.

Now offering NuCalm for our most anxious patients. Gentle, natural, drug-free relaxation with no side effects. NuCalm is trusted by 49 professional sports teams and has been used in over 1 million surgical procedures.

Payment Options and Insurance

Easy – that’s how we want every interaction to feel with us, right down to making a payment. You can make payments right here in the Patient Portal at the bottom of our website! Just click and go.

If you need a little help from your insurance, talk to us about how we can maximize your benefits. No Insurance? No Problem! We’re proud to offer our own Dental Membership Plan!

If you’d like to stretch your payments out a little, we offer CareCredit, the leading healthcare financing option. And to help you save even more on advanced dentist services like dental implants, we offer a 5% discount for advance payment.


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