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New You Dentures™

Our Martinsburg dental office is proud to offer an alternative to traditional dentures for people who need new teeth, but don’t want the “sunken in” look that comes with a traditional or economy removable denture.

Dr. Browning has completed extensive training at LVI – the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies– on a technique known as New You Dentures™. These dentures are built differently, focusing on esthetics to make our patients more attractive and look younger.

This new technique uses a combination of both neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to ensure that a healthy, fully functional smile is achieved without making the patient look older. Believe it or not, some patients look 20 years younger with New You Dentures™!

Imagine, a fully customized solution to missing or deteriorating teeth… without looking any older. Call us today to set up a consultation to learn more about New You Dentures™!

Dr. Browning also has advanced training in All-On-X dentures, using dental implants and the patient’s jawbone as the bedrock of a cantilevered denture. By using this implant-retained technique, the contours of the face get to remain fully supported, which leads to a more youthful appearance. These dentures are made to stay in place 24/7, so that they function like real teeth. This technique also helps to maintain optimum bone and increases chewing efficiency to that of natural teeth. This means that you can eat whatever foods you want, and taste them again, too!

Check out these before and after photos of actual patients treated by our Martinsburg dental office, and then call us to set up a consultation to see if New You Dentures™ might be the solution for you!

before after profile before profile after

before New You dentures After New You dentures before after

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