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Martinsburg Implant Dentistry

Replace Your Missing Teeth with Secure Dental Implants

Missing teeth feels terrible. Chewing feels like a chore and eating your favorite foods has lost all of its appeal. You hesitate to smile, and the confidence and energy you once had have slipped away. Even speaking is difficult and sometimes, people have a hard time understanding what you say. Tuscarora Family Dental Care in Martinsburg wants to help.

Our doctors have undergone advanced dental implant training to be able to replace your teeth with the superb and sophisticated method that not only replaces your teeth, it also replaces your tooth’s roots for the ultimate in stability, functionality, and comfort.

Our 3D imaging system allows us to see your anatomy in three-dimensional detail. It can be enlarged, rotated, and divided in any direction, thus revealing critical information not always seen in 2D images. Having this kind of technology at our fingertips allows us to diagnose and treat a wide variety of dental-related issues with accuracy and predictability.

3D implant planning

This advanced imaging shows us a 3D image of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone structure. With this technology, we can see the tiniest detail possible in a single, non-invasive scan right here in our office.

One Tooth – or All of Them

Whether you have lost one tooth in an accident or all your teeth needed to be removed because of advanced decay or gum disease, Tuscarora Family Dental Care has a dental implant solution for you.

  • Single-Tooth Implants — this type of tooth implant can replace any number of teeth—one tooth at a time. This is the ideal choice for those who only have a few teeth to replace and want the ultimate in strength.
  • Implant Retained Bridges and Dentures — these teeth-replacement implants are so superior to traditional dentures and partials, you may even forget they aren’t your own! Instead of sitting on your gums and covering your soft palate, implant-retained dentures are attached to implant posts so they won’t pinch, slip, or come loose. Plus, you can eat what you want without fear of embarrassment. And since the implant posts stimulate the bone, you won’t experience the shrinkage and aging that traditional dentures lead to.

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are actually a tooth-replacement system that consists of titanium posts surgically placed through your gum tissue and into your jawbone. If your bone and gum tissue are healthy and sound, these posts can be placed directly, and sometimes, replacement teeth can be immediately attached. If your bone is not quite what it should be or your gums are unhealthy, we will build your bone and treat your soft tissue before the surgical placement of the posts.
These titanium posts are an important part of the implant system because they not only hold your teeth, they replace your lost tooth roots to keep the underlying bone stimulated. This stimulation keeps your bone thriving and prevents the shrinkage and aging so often experienced by denture wearers.

Tuscarora Family Dental Care is the only area practice that offers the advanced and innovative C1 conical, anti-rotation abutment system for healthier tissue, effective bone protection, and a more predictable outcome.

Once the posts have healed in place, life-like replacement teeth are attached to the titanium posts so you can eat, speak, and smile with total confidence again.

Preparing for Your Implants

Some patients have been told they are not good candidates for implant dentistry because of bone loss or dental-tissue irregularities. Don’t despair! Our oral surgery preparatory procedures can help. We offer a variety of measures from bone grafting and sinus lifts to accommodate, rebuild, and replace necessary bone, to a soft-tissue augmentation to create a more ideal implant location. Once your mouth has healed, your smile will be ready to accept those life-changing tooth implants—and keep them strong and steady for years to come.

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