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Full Mouth Restoration

Dr. Browning has specialized training from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI) in providing beautiful and functional full-mouth reconstruction and restoration. We begin the process of restoring your teeth by looking at the way your teeth come together and measuring the health of your muscles. Once we establish a healthy bite, Dr. Browning focuses on all the details of dental cosmetics to provide you with the smile of your dreams.

Depending on your unique needs, full-mouth restorations could include:

  • Hygiene and gum care for a clean and fresh palate to work with
  • Periodontal treatment to stabilize gum infections
  • Root canal to save severely infected teeth and prevent the need for tooth replacement
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth the ideal way
  • Physiologic braces to align your teeth and your bite
  • Porcelain crowns, inlays, and onlays to strengthen and repair damaged teeth
  • White fillings or composite bonding to repair cavities or minor cosmetic issues
  • Porcelain veneers to perfect and balance your smile
  • Crown lengthening to provide more enamel on which to place restorations
  • Gum and tooth recontouring to sculpt your smile
  • Tooth whitening to give your look a final and brilliant polish

The list could go on and on. Each full-mouth restoration is carefully planned with you in our Martinsburg dental office, utilizing the extensive training that Dr. Browning has completed as a Fellow of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI).  The ultimate goal is to relieve pain and ensure the full functionality of a healthy smile, while at the same time achieving the ideal esthetics that you’re looking for.

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Tuscarora Family Dental Care
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