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Martinsburg Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiling — it’s one of life’s greatest gifts bringing people together, encouraging strangers, increasing your attractiveness, and communicating without words. It makes you feel happier, and can even help transform the world around you in a very positive way. Unfortunately, if your smile isn’t what you’d like it to be, you might be missing out on all of the life-enhancing benefits of smiling. Cosmetic Dentistry from Tuscarora Family Dental Care can help.

Improve Your Smile – Improve Your Health

Smiling can do more than improve our social interactions and make the world a happier place. A confident smile can also make us healthier. It’s true!

Studies show that smiling increases all kinds of feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. Those neurotransmitters are key in helping us relax and are linked to the health effects smiling has on the body including:

  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • Pain relief
  • Immune system boosts
  • Decreased depression
  • Diminished stress
  • Cortisol release
  • Improved performance

Plus, smiling simply helps you live longer!

What Our Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for You

While the cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by Tuscarora Family Dental Care certainly improve your appearance, they also strengthen your teeth, rebuild your confidence, and often, improve your overall health. We believe in treating the whole person, so all of our services are based on a cosmetic dentistry model. That means that even restorative dentistry will look great! Conversely, you can be sure that all of our cosmetic treatments are as health-focused as necessary for lasting balance, comfort, and beauty.

Our cosmetic dentists offer a full range of aesthetic care from simple but effective smile whitening and composite tooth bonding to brilliant porcelain veneers and life-changing full-mouth restorations.

Why not ask us about what we can do for your confidence and health? It’s never too early or too late to smile!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are one of the most dynamic and effective ways to super-power your smile. They can cover a multitude of flaws including, but not limited to:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps
  • Minor crookedness
  • Wear
  • Unevenness
  • Breakage
  • Spacing issues
  • Weakness or thinning

The benefits really are amazing. Realigning your bite and making all of your teeth the same length; stabilizing weak, cracked, loose, or broken teeth; and closing gaps can make a major difference in how your teeth function for both health and well-being. The benefits aren’t just cosmetic!

To prepare for your veneers, we start by discussing the look you want to achieve as far as length, shading, and smile line. This is as in-depth a process as you want it to be—we always want to be sure you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your smile. Once you choose your smile style, we prep your teeth, take impressions, and send all the specifications to our world-class dental technicians for completion. In just a few weeks, your gorgeous porcelain veneers will be ready for placement, and you can start showing off your smile like never before!

Minimal-Prep Veneers

Does your smile suffer from cracks, chips, uneven edges, gaps, wearing, or breakage? Minimal-prep porcelain tooth veneers from Tuscarora Family Dental Care can take care of it all! Not only do they cover all the flaws you could possibly imagine from deep and stubborn staining to breakage, but they also strengthen and balance your teeth.

Minimal-prep veneers are different from traditional veneers in that they are remarkably thin and can look and feel natural over your own teeth with far less disruption of your enamel before application. Because of this, they are a great choice for young people and teens or those who aren’t sure they want to make a major commitment.

Dentists have been using them for decades, and they just keep getting better and more natural-looking as technology advances. Of course, our cosmetic dentists only use the finest labs, like eMax, so you can be sure that every tooth will be as strong, and look as natural and beautiful, as possible.

Just as when working with any of our cosmetic or restorative procedures, we will take plenty of time to listen to your needs and desire and discuss the best options for you so you can achieve the healthy and beautiful smile of your dreams.

Crown Lengthening

Do you have a tooth that is so broken or sits so low in your gum line that you worry it will have to be pulled instead of restored? Crown lengthening is a simple but marvelous procedure that can save both a tooth and a smile! Dental crown lengthening allows us to remove gum tissue from around a broken and worn tooth to expose enough of your own enamel to attach a porcelain crown or other restoration.

Because we care about your comfort and safety, Tuscarora Family Dental Care in Martinsville has invested in soft tissue laser technology to perform tooth recontouring and lots of other procedures without the use of scalpels and with no stitches required. Because it heals as it works, the laser quickly and gently sculpts away the unnecessary gum tissue with very little pain or bleeding. We simply laser and restore so you can go home and show off your smile the day of your procedure!

Gum Recontouring

We love gums! When they are in great shape, they hold your teeth, protect your body from infection, and actually look kind of nice in an unnoticeable, pink kind of way. But people usually don’t think about them much until something goes wrong. Suddenly, gums are all you can think about – especially if they are covering so much of your pretty, pearly enamel that you can’t notice anything else!

Too much noticeable gum tissue is usually referred to as gingival hyperplasia or gum overgrowth. Gum overgrowth can happen for a variety of reasons including:

  • As a result of poor hygiene during braces wear
  • From medical conditions
  • As a side effect of certain medications
  • Because of gum disease and infection
  • From hormone changes, particularly during pregnancy
  • Vitamin deficiencies

Even heredity can play a part in the symptoms of gum overgrowth.

Don’t worry! Tuscarora Family Dental Care can use our super-precise soft-tissue laser technology to sculpt your gums, evening your smile, and expose the desired amount of beautiful enamel – without any stitches or pain! You will be amazed at what a difference laser gum reshaping can make in your smile — ask us about it today!

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding using composite materials is the workhorse of both cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Because of its affordability, versatility, beauty, and strength, we use cosmetic tooth bonding for everything from replacing ugly old fillings to reshaping damaged teeth. And while it is not as stain-resistant or strong as porcelain restoration options, it is durable and the ideal choice for cosmetic work in young mouths or when budgets won’t allow for a more sophisticated option.

Composite dental bonding is also super convenient in that it can be completed in one, easy visit in our Martinsville dental office—no gooey molds, no waiting for labs, and usually, no Novocain!

We simply custom mix the composite material to match your pre-chosen shade specification, lightly prepare your tooth, and apply. You can count on composite bonding from Tuscarora Family Dental Care to look as life-like and attractive as you wish it to be: our doctors have the artistic touch to achieve natural-looking layering, shaping, and contouring so you can leave with a brand-new smile.

Tooth Recontouring

Are you hiding your smile instead of enjoying all of its wonderful benefits? Do you wish there was something you could do to perfect your teeth, but worry that you may not be able to afford cosmetic dentistry? Much like composite bonding, tooth recontouring can take your smile from dull to dazzling in one easy and convenient visit.

In fact, we sometimes pair the two to achieve a wallet-friendly but gorgeous result. Tooth contouring can correct a variety of cosmetic dental issues including:

  • Smoothing chips
  • Evening minor overlaps or crookedness
  • Toning down large canines
  • Evening the tooth line

And much more.

To contour your teeth, Tuscarora Family Dental Care’s artistic and precise practitioners polish and smooth the edges and surfaces of your teeth using a device similar to one a jeweler uses to fine-tune an exquisite piece of jewelry. Our high-speed burs will gently remove unwanted enamel while providing a high polish to all areas they touch.

The results go from subtle to dramatic – but our patients always leave smiling!

Teeth Whitening

Ah, we know. We love our morning cup of coffee almost as much as we crave an afternoon lift from sweet tea. Plus, who can resist that incredible combination of red wine, tomato sauce, and a salad dressed with balsamic vinegar? Oh, and how about some berries for dessert? So many of the foods and drinks we love – many of which are good for us too, like beets– are incredibly effective tooth-staining agents. The more we enjoy them, the dingier our teeth look.

But even if you never indulge in the treats that stain your enamel, time, age, and medications can contribute to tooth discoloration and drabness.

But never fear – teeth whitening from Tuscarora Family Dental Care in Martinsburg can dramatically whiten and brighten your smile for a friendlier and more youthful appearance.

We offer the convenience of Kor in-office whitening or Opalescence take-home tray whitening. Opalescence allows you to choose your ideal whitening level and formula strength. Once those decisions are made, we send you home with custom-created bleaching trays so you can whiten whenever you like – on your commute, while binging on your favorite shows, or even at your desk at work. The Opalescence system is so effective, it can remove years of staining and whiten your teeth up to ten shades in as little as 15 minutes per day. Additionally, Opalesence is formulated with fluoride and desensitizers for patients that are concerned about damaging their enamel or have experienced sensitivity from whitening.

Our in-office whitening system KöR is designed for dramatic whitening up to 16 shades lighter, including excellent results on stubborn geriatric staining, brown spots due to fluorosis, and tetracycline staining, with very little to no sensitivity. KöR is exceptionally strong and effective, but known for being the gentlest in-office whitening product available. Depending on which individualized system is chosen for you, you can leave the office significantly brighter and whiter in as little as 1-2 60 minute visits.


Botox and Dermal Fillers

Your face, your smile – its all part of the same picture. And the picture isn’t complete without a beautiful smile AND glowing skin. Having confidence in your appearance is good for your emotional health. If you aren’t happy with what you see in the mirror, you aren’t getting all you can out of your social experiences.

Have you been disappointed with over the counter ‘anti aging’ products?  Aging leads to a progressive loss of facial volume and deepening of wrinkles. Botox and dermal fillers stop and reverse the process of skin aging by promoting collagen retention and smoothing the skin. They are so effective that over the counter skin products attempt to mimic their results, but they all share the same secret (they don’t work)!

And the benefits of these products do not stop at your appearance!

Stop the aging process

Did you know that dentists know facial anatomy better than any other type of doctor? Dr. Browning completed her advanced training in Botox, Dermal Fillers, Smooth threads, and Lifting threads through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. Botox and dermal fillers can be used to lessen the appearance of, and stop the development of, wrinkles or fill in facial volume lost over time. PDO threads can be used to improve skin quality and fill in deep wrinkles by utilizing your body’s own collagen. Lifting threads can be used as a less-invasive alternative to a surgical facelift.

In our office, esthetic and therapeutic uses of Botox and Dermal Fillers include:

  • TMD/tooth grinding/headaches/migraines/facial pain
  • Reduction of wrinkles in the forehead and crows feet
  • Lessening of frown lines
  • Smoothing the lips
  • Fixing a high lip line, also known as “gummy” smiles
  • Lip enhancement for esthetics or phonetics
  • Treatment of cracked lips/corners of lips
  • Soft tissue smile enhancement for dental esthetics
  • Orthodontic relapse
  • Reducing muscle hyperactivity for better retention of dentures and partials

Treatment can be completed within 30 minutes and the results can last from three months to over a year!

Ask us about our discounts for first time patients!

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