Martinsburg Dental Excellence

With Warmth, Comfort, and a Dental Home in Martinsburg

We know you want the best for your family. We do too! It’s why we developed a dental practice that feels more like a place to visit friends than a trip to a clinic. It is so important to us, we added it to our mission statement: Tuscarora Family Dental Care provides high-quality, comprehensive dental care in a compassionate and comforting environment.

Training You Can Trust

Dr. Angelina Browning is so committed to excellence that she has undergone Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency training. AEGD provides unparalleled postdoctoral training in a clinical program. Investing in AEGD training raised our doctors’ level of proficiency to that of specialists, enabling us to provide every patient with a level of quality and a range of services usually unavailable in a typical general dentist’s office.

More to Smile About

Our patients get more for the time they spend with us here at Tuscarora Family Dental Care, and we are usually able to complete their entire treatment plan without referrals to other offices – even when they need advanced or complex care!

We utilize the latest technologies and up-to-date techniques, and provide a wide variety of dental treatments from pediatric and family care to prevent problems and protect your teeth all the way to periodontal therapies to care for your gums, root canals to save your teeth, implant dentistry to replace missing teeth, and surgical procedures – all under one incredibly homey and comforting roof.

Dentistry From the Heart

We take dentistry seriously, but our atmosphere is warm and laid back. You’ll always hear laughter mingling with the music and conversation in our office.

The truth is, patients love our outstanding approach and hometown attitude so much, they often stop by out of the blue just to say hello.
What could be better?

We invite you to make Tuscarora Family Dental Care your new dental home for leading-edge dentistry and patient-centered care? Your smile – and your spirit – will thank you! For more information about our practice and team, please visit the following pages :

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