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Avoid Toxins, Stay Healthy, and Smile for a Lifetime – It’s Easy with Holistic, Biocompatible Solutions from Tuscarora Family Dental Care

added on: August 2, 2019

Tuscarora Family Dental Care is amping up their holistic dentistry with more biocompatible procedures and materials and fewer dangerous toxins than ever before. 

There has been a lot of stir in the media recently about the health risks of dental materials and procedures, especially root canals – and our patients are asking about it.

It’s time to relax: We absolutely won’t take risks with our patients’ health.

We avoid potential dangers like Mercury, BPA, and old-fashioned root canals because we believe that everyone deserves to feel great – body, smile, and spirit! 

Concerned About the Hype? Our Dental Services are for You! 

We always listen to our patients. It’s why, more than ever, we practice dentistry for your total health and wellbeing. We believe in using techniques and materials that are actually good for you. It’s what holistic dentistry is all about. 

Healing VS Treating: The Benefits of Biocompatibility and Prevention

The team at Tuscarora Family Dental Care knows that teeth are best in their whole and natural state, so we always focus on healing instead of treating. This means we  always concentrate on preventing problems before they start. 

If problems do develop, we support your natural ability to heal by using biocompatible treatments and materials like Bioceramics, a class of bioactive materials and one of the healthiest innovations in modern dentistry. These materials are so closely related to your tooth’s own makeup that they can stimulate remineralization. That’s right– bioceramic restorative materials do more than cover and seal tooth damage and cavities – they actually aid your body in the healing process allowing your teeth to rebuild themselves.

We use bioactive and bioceramic materials for:

Bioceramics allow us to preserve much more of your tooth structure, avoid toxic materials, and ensure that all restorations are free of infection, better fitting, and completely sealed through better integration with your tissue.


“the condition of being compatible with living tissue or a living system by not being toxic or injurious and not causing immunological rejection.”

Why Root Canals Are Getting a Bad Rap

The recent documentary “Root Cause,” has put root canals squarely in the middle of a media firestorm. In the movie, film-maker Frazer Bailey claims a host of health problems, from anxiety to chronic fatigue, stemming from his decades-old root-canaled tooth. 

At the same time, alternative health-care providers are raising concerns about root canals because of pathogens, immunological irritants, toxins, lingering infections,  and latex-based gutta-percha. While many dentists are working hard to debunk these claims, we want to address the issues it has brought up and offer the safest, cleanest, and healthiest options available to our Martinsburg patient family.

We prefer to start with a much less invasive route than traditional root canals by giving your body a chance to heal. Placing bioceramic tooth-restorations first often helps us avoid root canals, even when teeth are severely damaged. 

When we do need to perform a root canal, bioceramic materials help to:

  • More effectively remove dangerous bacteria
  • Reduce inflammation, swelling, and post-operative discomfort
  • Completely seal your tooth, and stimulate the growth of new tooth structure

Plus, our bioceramics are non-toxic, unlike most root canal materials. If you really prefer to avoid a root canal, but your tooth is too compromised to save, talk to us about how we can stop your pain, preserve your jaw bone, and get you smiling again with alternatives like post-extraction dental implants

Avoiding Toxins

Root canals aren’t the only toxin our patients are apprehensive about these days. Two other hot-button issues are the dental-filling materials Mercury and BPA. 

We get it –  and we’re taking action. Here’s why: 

  • Mercury 

Your traditional “silver” fillings are really an amalgam of various heavy metals, including Mercury, that can leach into your system every time you bite down or chew. Health concerns related to Mercury exposure from these fillings include everything from chronic fatigue to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Though the FDA suggests that the minimal release of Mercury from dental fillings is probably safe, Tuscarora Family Dental Care does not believe in taking those kinds of risks with our patients and only places metal fillings at patient request. 

  • BPA

Composite, tooth-colored fillings are often presented as a healthier alternative to metal fillings, but these composites can have another, hidden toxin lurking in their attractive appearance – Bisphenol A, or the dreaded BPA. This resin, commonly used in many kinds of plastics, can have harmful effects on human health and child development, playing a role in endocrine disorders, early puberty, and certain cancers. (

While our fillings and sealants are BPA and Mercury-free, we encourage our patients to talk to us about how bioceramics can make an even greater difference in their smile – and their health. 

Don’t Wait – Start Feeling Better Today

To learn more about how Tuscarora Family Dental Care can protect your wellbeing, call our Martinsburg office. Helping you smile – better, stronger, more – is our mission! 

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